All of my Ornament Kits are made using Smoothfoam shapes which in many cases are not always available in craft stores in the same size as my pattern is written for. The shape needed for each kit is included in the kit. I also have these shapes listed in the Foam Ornament Shapes category of this site. ** If you order 3 kits of any 1 style (for instance - 3 wired ribbon pinecones, or 3 angel kits) then I will send you the pattern FREE!! Just select 'Kit Only' option on each of your kits and I will automatically include the pattern with your order. REMEMBER - this is only for 3 kits that would require the same pattern. Wired Ribbon and Fabric styles are 2 different patterns. If you are interested in one of these ornaments as a finished ornament and don't see it in my Finished Ornaments category, please contact me. I am always happy to make up the ornament for you!
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