Ornament Decor

Ornaments are not just for trees!!  I love looking for interesting and beautiful ways to decorate my home for holidays and seasons.  Ornaments are a fantastic way to emphasize themes and holidays in all your decor!  On this page, I will share some of the ideas and ways that I have used ornaments.


Quilted Pinecones not only look great on your tree (and they can be made to match any color scheme you want!), but they are so awesome used in many other decorations.  I just love this cluster of pinecones in the center of a wreath.  A burgundy burlap bow adds the perfect touch - and so simple to put together on any wreath form you desire!






My little quilted trees are so easy and quick to make.  And, there are multitudes of ways they can be used!  They look perfectly adorable on your tree, but they are also the perfect size for a winter village vignette.  This vintage suitcase makes a perfect spot for this vignette, but you can place a llittle village with trees just about anywhere you want.






I love the Rustic look and this vintage fan cover makes a great wreath form.  This wreath could also be done on a greenery or straw wreath.  Use whatever you have around and add your imagination and a little quilted tree!



One of my favorite ways to use ornaments is in simple wreaths.  A 12" styrofoam wreath form is simply wrapped in a sparkling silver and white 2" wide ribbon.  The 3 ornaments are pinned to the top (you will have to adjust the length of the hangers) with pins.  A matching ribbon bow and some sparkling accents are also pinned on and you have a simple, elegant wreath.









 I used exactly the same method to make this bright and cheery Easter Wreath with 3 egg shaped quilted ornaments.  The possibilities are endless!














 This spring or Easter wall hanging is one of my favorites.  I love old rusty junk (there's a lot of that stuff here on the farm on the prairie).  This old 3 prong rake was easy to embellish with a bright green burlap ribbon bow, a few flowers poked in and a cute Easter egg ornament hung from the handle.  I wrapped a wire around the handle under the bow and it was ready to hang!








 A vintage suitcase is the perfect background for a vignette for Valentine decoration or for a pretty shabby chic look for your home.  Along with a few ornaments, some vintage postcards, pretty glassware and lots of lace you have a sweet decoration for your home.  Using your imagination and some of your favorite things around your house, you can put together any number of displays.












Autumn is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for.  For this vignette, I used an old wooden cheese box to display fall themed ornaments.  A glass bottle with a few stems of ripe wheat (yes, we have lots of those in Kansas!), bright fall leaves scattered around and a candle holder with a sweet pumpkin scented candle completes this look.















I love sunflowers and they bloom in profusion around here during late summer.  This cowboy boot vase makes a perfect backdrop for their bright, country look.  An old stirrup and some sunflower ornaments makes this a bright and fun centerpiece.